your morning!

MOGG is a smart egg that turns off the alarm only when you go to the bathroom and wash it with water! Wake up every morning and wash your mogG, and your pets in the application will hatch and grow. MogG changes your morning by cheering you up with wake up at the time you want, and in the evening, it helps you sleep with mood and sleep lights.

 Meet the smart pet egg MOGG at Kickstarter in 2021.

Smart Egg ‘MOGG'

is a smart alarm for those who suffer from wake-ups in the morning..
MOGG implies "You become who you want to be”.

When alarm clock starts to ring, go to bathroom and wash MOGG, then alarm will go off

the egg will slowly break, and cute animals will hatch out from it

After washing MOGG, put it back on wireless charger. It will let you know how's the weather by voice

You can control mood light through application, and can use sleep light mode

smart iot egg

MOGG is an IoT device working with smartphone application. Experience various features which will change your morning


Animals in APP will be updated continuously!

MeeT MOGG at Kickstarter, February, 2021.

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